Paintball Sports – December 2012 – Kuitpo Forrest

ASC Social Club Committee event co-ordinator: Nathan Paulson

Paintball Sport at Kuitpo Forest

Paintball Sport at Kuitpo Forest

ASC Social club participants gather at Kuitpo forest ready for some paintball action in December 2012. Great credit goes to Paintball Sports staff members who are well organised and the equipment loan process went smoothly. Our Instructor Ben was very friendly and ran the event extremely well. ASC Social club members had a great day! Teams were organised well and many intense paintball rounds evolved. After everyone had finished we got together for a supplied BBQ Lunch and discussed or rather laughed about various events of the day. Thank you to everyone who came along, I look forward to organising another Paintball Event in the future!


ASC Social Club - Paintball Sport

Paintball Sport