Go Karting

Go Karting

An event more commonly reserved for rev heads, the ASC Social Club Go Karting event brings together the young and the old, the fast and the slow and the males and the females.

Twice a year, participants meet up for an action packed Friday night starting with pizza, and closing with trophies, prizes and a fair share of track war stories.

The venue kindly cordons off a section with tables and chairs and welcomes the change in aroma when the pizza is delivered. Our members go through their team tactics while enjoying pizza, soft drinks and the odd jeer at a rival team.

At 7pm, the track boss beckons for all to join him for the safety induction. As you stand in the group listening, the pros are easily spotted with their personal helmets and gloves which add tenfold to the fight or flight feeling in the belly of our amateur drivers. But there really is no need to worry as it’s only a casual fun race.

The adrenaline begins to build with the last minute fuss of getting your best driver in the pit for the qualifying round, and then they’re off!

As the drivers of each team take turns revving around the track, the remainder of the group cheer from the grandstands. For the most serious of the group checking the screens for lap times and team positions is just as important.

After two hours of action packed track excitement, the weary eyed group congregate for the award ceremony where trophies and prizes are handed out before the winning team have photos on the podium. As the night draws to an end and we walk out of the venue, that question is always asked… ‘When is the next race meeting?’

Go Karting