On behalf of my husband Michael and I, I would like to thank you all for making us feel so special on Saturday Night (ASC Prom Night). The limo ride and refreshments were absolutely fantastic and we really did feel totally spoilt.   The whole event was extremely well organised.  The entertainment (both Band and DJ) was great.  The venue looked fantastic.  General feedback from those sitting at our table was that the food was beautiful – no complaints from anyone.   Thank you all for once again providing the Social Club Members with a very enjoyable & memorable event.
Carol Skully
The “Afternoon of Pool” event was awesome! I can’t wait till the next one, we’ll definitely have more from our department for it!
Phillip Belajeff
I just had to take the time to say a big Thank You to yourself as President, and to the ASC social club committee who organised and ran the Christmas Picnic last Sunday. It was a fantastic day with plenty of entertainment and activities to keep everybody happy. The food was great, the ice blocks were much appreciated and the caffeine from the coffee helped to keep energy levels up to chase after the kids !!   We reckon that the venue is perfect, with plenty of shade, and having the use of both ovals seemed to be very comfortable even though the numbers were greater than previous years.   Our nieces really loved their present from Father Christmas, as always they were very appropriate and much appreciated.   Many thanks and well done to all concerned.
Stephen Byrne
I just wanted to thank you and the organising team and helpers for the wonderful children’s Christmas picnic last Sunday. It was my first time attending this and it greatly exceeded my expectations. We took my 5 year old grandson, Jordan and it was a fantastic experience for him, one I am sure he won’t forget for a very long time.
Ian Holmes
Once again many thanks for a very nice event and evening (Murder Mystery Night) with excellent food and wine, highly professional moderators and very pleasant dinner party participants. It was truly a very memorable evening and Elisabeth and I will be looking forward to the next time when the Social Club is organising something similar.
Johan Aaserud